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Home       Wigs      Medical Wigs      Toppers       Men      Extensions      Headwear      Care      Services      Contact      Online Shopping Our Location Wigs, Medical Wigs and Hair Replacement Wigs Toppers Medical Wigs Men's Services Contact Us Headwear Care Extension Address  1127 W Orangethorpe Ave.               Fullerton, CA 92833 * Store Open Hours 10 AM -  6 PM Appointment Only Phone    714-309-8749 714-274-5058 Mon ~ Sat Contact Us easiCrown - Topper for Hair Loss (Beginning Stage) easiCrown 12” easiCrown 12” (Exclusive) easiCrown HD 12” easiCrown 18” easiCrown 18” (Exclusive) easiCrown HD 18” easiCrown 12" easiCrown 12" -  Exclusive easiCrown HD 12"  easiCrown 18" Human Hair easiCrown 18" Human Hair Exclusive easiCrown HD 18" easiPart - Topper for Hair Loss (Beginning Stage) easiPart12” easiPart 12” (Exclusive) easiPart 18” easiPart 18” (Exclusive) easiPart 12" Human Hair easiPart 12" Renau Exclusive easiPart 18" Human Hair easiPart 18" Renau Exclusive easiPart HD 12” easiPart HD 18” easiPart HD 12" easiPart HD 18" Hair Loss / Toppers easiCrown easiPart easiFringe This one-piece volumiizer adds  coverage and volume to the  crown and back of the head.  It clips in and out easily and can be  heat-styled to create any look.. This one-piece volumizer adds instant  thickness with naturally stunning  remy human hair.  It clips in quickly and easily for  all-day comfort and can be styled with  heat to create any look. Add fun, blunt bangs or sideswept  layers for extra thickness  along the hairline.  Longer sides blend in naturally while  HD fiber maximizes heat styling options Beginning  Stage easiCrown easiPart easiFringe easiFringe - Clip in Bangs EasiFringe clip in Bangs Renau Exclusive EasiFringe HD clip in Bangs easiFringe Human Hair Renau Excusive easiFringe HD Clip in Bangs Beginning  Stage Mid Progress Stage Advanced Stage * Video : How to use Toppers > Topper Video